A Journey To The ? & Back: Christina’s Story

I can pinpoint, almost to the day, I knew that I was built for entrepreneurship. I was 21, taking a Painting with a Twist class with some girlfriends, and for the LIFE of me could not follow the instructor.

It wasn’t that I thought I could paint better than her (trust me, I am NOT an artist) but I just wanted to do it on my own; I wanted to forge my own path. My painting ended up looking like shit, naturally (haha), but I felt good about it — it didn’t resemble anyone else’s and it was 100% me. I knew I needed to find the same thing in my career.

When I look back, though, the groundwork for me to start Luna Brand Management was laid out for me as a kid. The daughter of a military airman and a Greek immigrant, structure, discipline, and intensity are 3 attributes that surrounded me my entire childhood. I was involved in everything from Girl Scouts to Greek Life at St. Mary’s University, all regimented organizations that taught me leadership, loyalty, and logistics.

Up until I was 21, my life was pretty predictable. I had great grades, was a stand-up kid, went to a good university, etc. I followed a sort of mapped out plan for my life and charted along at an expected pace. I’ve always been a go-getter and extremely ambitious, but nothing about the way my life was going would allow me to impact and influence people the way I wanted to. Luckily, things changed for me when I started my first job outside of college in May 2011 at a local sales firm in San Antonio.

It was there I was truly introduced to entrepreneurship. Never before had I been around people that were so motivated, so likable, so outgoing, and so determined. I had never thought of myself as a saleswoman, let alone doing residential sales, but what I did know was that I was willing to work hard for the things I wanted in life – freedom of time, financial independence, etc. The company had a structured Management Program where individuals who successfully completed the 12-18 month training would have an opportunity to oversee a new office location, and after taking a month to truly grasp the growth potential, I was in. I made a decision to leave my graduate program and truly commit myself to my craft. Now, while I might have made this sound attractive, there was nothing glamorous about it. Outside sales in Texas are brutal, let alone doing a job people think you are above. Friends and loved ones couldn’t understand my interest, and I couldn’t understand their lack of support. Thankfully, I’ve always been an independent thinker (hello, entrepreneurship) and chugged along.

It was at my first job I met my now-husband, the most influential person in my life and career outside of my mom. Matthew, from the moment I met him, was the most electric, interesting man I had ever encountered and someone who truly embodied what it meant to be a business owner. He was selfless, forward-thinking, the hardest worker in the room, and wildly determined. When the sales company I worked for closed, I was hired by Matthew’s company, Aleuro Inc, as a recruiter. For 3 1/2 years, I scouted and developed talent for the company, learning the ins and outs of online advertising, situational leadership, and social media marketing. It was there that I saw the potential to do social media management on a larger, broader scale.

The greatest source of inspiration to start a business though, outside of my parents & Matthew, are my children, Lucas & Lana. I felt an overwhelming intensity to start a business when they were young. I wanted to lay the foundation for a company down when my children wouldn’t understand the hours and sacrifice, so, later on, I would never miss a single event or milestone because of work. After conceptualizing Luna in October 2015, the company was officially incorporated in the State of Texas in September 2017 — 1/2 Lucas (Lu), 1/2 Lana (na) combined to make Luna Brand Management. The work was painstaking, the hours grimacing, and the responsibility almost overwhelming at times, but I wouldn’t take it back for a single second. I had NO idea what I was doing, but I knew I had to do it.

That decision forever changed my life. The last 4 years have flown by in a blink, bringing with them the greatest memories and best talent I could ever hope to surround myself with. There are not enough words on this blog page for me to describe the personalities that bring Luna’s work to life, but if there is one thing I can say to each woman that I work with, it’s that you make me want to be a better person because YOU are a better person – more patient, more experienced, more creative, more organized – you are each a piece of the Luna puzzle I envisioned 4 years ago; unique individually but better together.

Before I get lost down memory lane, I want to sign off in hopes that I’ve shared more of Luna’s origin (it was hard but worth it), what it takes to be an entrepreneur (be too hard-headed to quit), and how to build a badass business (hire ridiculously talented people). If you follow us on social media, which you absolutely should be doing, you’ll know that we’re just getting started. The way businesses brand themselves online is evolving daily, and we’re leading the pack and aiming for the moon.



PS – Mom, you’re the best example I could ask for in life. Thanks for knowing no limits to your love for Lucas & Lana so, during the day, I can concentrate my efforts on the business they inspired.