A Look Back At 2022 With Luna Brand Management

As time passes, experiences are enjoyed, and growth is accomplished. With the end of one year and the start of another, we allow ourselves time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished last year, giving us a better trajectory for goals in 2023. At Luna Brand Management, we love reminiscing on past experiences. It warms our hearts to think of retreats spent together, families that grew, and clients that we welcomed aboard.

“We do not remember days; we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese


If you know anything about Luna Brand Management, you know we have a passion for travel. As our team is spread out across the United States, twice a year, we meet up for a retreat located in a beautiful destination so that we can spend quality time together. Where did we go in 2022?

Orlando, FL

Most of our team members are Harry Potter fanatics, and those who aren’t are addicted to roller coasters. So a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, was the obvious choice for our first retreat of the year! Wands were waved, coasters were ridden, and butterbeer was consumed. We had a magical time making memories together!

Woodstock, VT

In the fall, we all packed up for our second retreat of 2022. This time we added some layers as we enjoyed the crisp temperatures in Woodstock, VT! Talk about good food, beautiful scenery, and exceptional company. Our retreats are geared towards team bonding in beautiful locations, and when we say this one hit the nail on its head, we aren’t kidding.

Cleveland, OH

It’s hard to stay away from each other, even with two annual retreats. Christina and Amy Flores decided on a trip to visit team members Anna and Abbi and a few of our clients in the Cleveland, OH, area earlier in the year. They toured the area with expert guides and snagged some much-needed bonding time with one another!

Dallas, TX

This past August, Christina and Amy Flores headed to Dallas, TX, to attend a National Sales Conference that hosted many of our clients. Talk about a wonderful opportunity! They caught up with colleagues, visited with a local client, and enjoyed everything Dallas had to offer.

Team Growth

As our business grows, so does our team! In 2022, we brought on three new employees – Monica, Nayeli, and Brooke! Each with their own skill sets, they bring so much to the table and have aided in many of our milestones over the past few months. We are grateful to have them with us and are eager to see how they thrive personally and professionally in the years to come!!

Growing Families

Is there anything better than growing families? We don’t think so! Over the past year, we welcomed two new little ones to our Luna Brand Management family – Henley and Thiago! Abbi, and long-time client Jeffrey, welcomed their second little girl, Henley, this past summer, where she joins big sister Haven. Thiago, Nayeli’s first baby, was born at the start of this year. Although not technically a 2022 addition, we couldn’t talk about growing families without mentioning this little bundle of perfection!


Introduced to us by our Social Media & Video Editing Specialist, Ricky, Alex Lucas thrived throughout her internship with us! From learning the ins and outs of various social sites to creating videos and writing blogs, Alex took a lot away from her time with our team, and we really enjoyed getting to know her. Our internship program is always mutually beneficial as we get the chance to share the knowledge we’ve accrued, and they get to expand their network and build upon their skills!

Company Growth

Our company experienced exponential growth in 2022. We welcomed many new clients from a variety of different industries, ranging from wellness to beauty to sales. It’s been a joy and privilege to work with each of them and to be a part of their success. Each time someone new came on board, we evaluated our services and expertise. With this and the growing popularity of videos on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, we stepped up video editing, bringing these newer clients and our previous ones services in line with today’s trends.

2022 was a packed year for our Luna Brand Management Team. From traveling across the country to honing new skills, we enjoyed every moment and are still basking in the growth and joy every minute brought us. We’re already a month into 2023, and we can tell that while the previous year was great, this one is going to be even better. We plan to visit new places, make new memories, and develop skills that will fuel our growth!