A Sneak Peek of Monica 

Hey there, fancy meeting you here! My name is Monica Chavarria, and I am thrilled you stopped by. I am currently wrapping up my internship at Luna Brand Management, but I want to share my story with you before I go.

About me:

I am a 24-year old San Antonio native who graduated from St. Mary’s University in 2019 with a B.B.A. in Marketing. I am currently a full-time employee while working towards a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Data Analytics. Before I get ahead of myself, let me backtrack a little… I am a daughter of two immigrants, who continue to shape me into the person I am today, and I am proud and honored to have their guidance. As the only daughter in a Hispanic family, I played the many quintessential, labor-intensive roles that were essential to my family’s function. If I had the option to list them, in my resume, I would include a bilingual translator with a proclivity to translate and negotiate, with the other entity, all at once to streamline the process, a proficient filler of documents, and world-renowned caregiver of siblings. While these may seem like hyperbole, I assure you, ask any other daughter of an immigrant if they are prepared for their professional career, and they will still tell you “no.” These and others are some of the skills that have shaped my work ethic and are at the core of the high-level work I deliver.

Growing up, the majority of my time consisted of playing sports. However, I’ll admit my true passion was always soccer. I loved being involved. Since then, staying active has always been a constant factor in my life. Aside from that, some of my hobbies include being a constant curator of my Netflix library, spending quality time with my family, friends, or boyfriend, and if the opportunity arises, traveling. (Fun fact: One of my most memorable trips was to Australia as part of a study-abroad program).

A college friend who was also an intern introduced me to Luna Brand Management, and when I heard her speak on her experience, I thought it was too good to pass up. I met with Christina and Amy Flores, to learn about the opportunities, and I immediately felt welcomed. I accepted an internship position, and the rest is history. Now I get to wrap up my time with a fantastic team. I have been incredibly lucky and blessed to work alongside Christina and Amy. The skills they have taught me do not go unnoticed. Our sessions have consisted of various platforms, from Instagram to Google Business, and they have all been valuable lessons to me. Not only did I gain professional skills, but I also gained fruitful mentorship from these women, which will no doubt consist of exciting ventures in the future. The support they have for each other is inspiring, and it is something I strive to nurture in my young professional career.

As I shared with you, my passion is within sports. This has led to one of my biggest goals: working in the sports industry. The thought of working with social media for an exciting and large industry brings excitement for my future. With that being said, I truly believe the lessons gained with Luna Brand Management will continue to help me on my journey towards my goal.

So, whether or not my future leads me to a career in the sports industry, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with a growing marketing consulting agency. I am proud to have formed a lasting bond with the Luna family.