All About Creative Genius, Nayeli

Calendars are important. They do more than just help us keep track of upcoming tasks and appointments; they allow us to remember things worth celebrating. One date that was promptly added to our calendar at Luna Brand Management was January 24th, the day Nayeli Cervantes’ started working with us.

A graduate of St. Mary’s University, this twenty-five-year-old San Antonio native is taking the world by storm! The first in her family to graduate from college, Nayeli takes her education and the advantage it has given her seriously. Growing up, the only people she knew who went to college were her teachers, and the world of education post-high school was a foreign concept to her, one she mastered beautifully when she graduated with honors. Noted as her greatest accomplishment so far, it is clear as day how much she genuinely cares about being the best version of herself.

“A teacher of mine taught me about the importance of reading and having an open mind. When I started reading, I realized my vocabulary expanded, and I quickly learned new things, such as languages. It felt like I had unlocked a superpower, and everything was easy. Since then, I’ve learned to have an open mind and to stay curious. I believe this has led me to where I am in life right now.”

On top of her obvious dedication to self-growth, another quality of Nayelis that piqued our interest here at Luna Brand Management is her background in graphic design and interest in web design. As our Website Manager, she works hard for our clients, maintaining the integrity of their website health and updating all pieces of their site to stay current and sleek. A student of her craft, she remains eager to sharpen her skills in coding and strengthen the creative side of her position – designing eye-catching graphics and writing enticing captions.

As someone who is independently motivated, it has been a joy to see her grow over the past few months. Her student mentality has generated excellence and made her an absolute asset to our company.

“I am a graphic designer who likes to be challenged, so I picked up coding! I like how website design requires me to use both my left and right brain hemisphere. It’s like a meld of art and math, and I love it.”

Now that we’ve shared a little about her, we’re excited for you to hear directly from Nayeli. She has phenomenal insight into what it takes to be true to your passions and to follow your dreams. If you’re looking to exit your comfort zone and take charge of your future, we recommend you pay close attention because Nayeli is a true example of what hard work and perseverance will get you!

Nayeli, let’s start at the beginning. Growing up, what was your dream job?

My childhood dream job was being either an artist or a teacher! I am still very passionate about both.

We see the qualities of both of these positions in your work daily! You are always eager to share your knowledge with others and are one of the most creative people we know.

Talking of creativity, what has been one of your favorite projects with Luna so far?

So far, my favorite project with Luna has been rebuilding website pages that were looking a little funky! I enjoyed learning the different builders and dipping my toes in web design.

We love having you work with us and would love to know what drew you to our company?

The branding aspect of Luna! I love the work we do for small businesses that don’t have time to design and market themselves, so Luna steps in and does a stellar job!

You’ve been with us for a few months. What has been the best work perk?

My favorite thing about Luna would be the flexibility! I love being able to work from anywhere and set my own schedule.

Can you share a little about your Luna journey so far?

When I first started at Luna, I had a difficult time creating a routine that worked for me. I love the flexibility with Luna because it has allowed me to determine a work schedule of when I’m most productive. Fast forward to now, I wake up, do my routine, and I’m all prepped to finish my tasks for the day!

We’ve witnessed your growth firsthand since January. How do you measure your performance?

I measure my performance and success by going back to review my design work from the past. I see how my style has changed, what techniques I like and continue to employ, as well as analyze the person I was before. I measure my success through my growth as a person and professional.

“What inspires me is my inner child. I’ve always had ideas of who I would be, what I would be doing, the kind of life I would be living, and so on. Although some things have changed, I find my dreams are still essentially the same. The dream to travel, to create art, and much more, makes me who I am today.”

Your growth systems are working and are propelling you to great things. What goals have you set for yourself?

My short-term goals are to gain more skills in managing website design and maintenance. I would like more experience in this role so I could potentially freelance, which leads me to my long-term goals! I see myself working with Luna, freelancing, and advancing my design skills.

Nayeli, there aren’t enough words to describe how grateful we are that you accepted our job offer. You’ve spoken with us about how much your father has inspired you as an immigrant who built his business from the ground up, and we want you to know that you inspire us! At such a young age, you have committed yourself not only to your craft but to being happy in and out of the office. You once walked away from a position because it was negatively affecting your personal life, and we couldn’t be more proud. You motivate us to continue being a company that produces excellent work for our clients and a welcoming and positive environment for our people.

Thank you for all that you do here at Luna Brand Management. Only time will tell just how much we will learn from one another!!