Amy Flo’s Luna Love Story ?

Hey blog readers! 
I’m Amy Flores, the Social Media Marketing Executive here at Luna Brand Management. I have been working with Luna for three years now, and I could not be happier with my career. The opportunities and leadership experiences I have found in the company amaze me. I have grown as a manager and as a business professional. Here’s a little more about me and my career here at Luna Brand Management.
As a junior at St. Mary’s University, I was on the search for an internship experience. I had always had an interest in social media, and an opportunity as a social media intern fell on my lap. My love story with Luna was like most – it came out of the blue, and I didn’t realize how much I would love it! Our CEO, Christina, and I would joke about the roots of the company, a genuine “Apple” story. As a full-time college student who had a part-time job and involvement in a few on-campus organizations, my schedule wasn’t flexible, yet I managed to find a job that allowed me to work remotely. With my day being as packed as it was, Christina would make her way to my dorm, with newborn baby Lana, or I would make trips to her home to continue my training and learning of the business and different social media sites. I can proudly say I am proficient in about 15 social media sites and counting. This internship opportunity that was meant to last one semester continued as a part-time position over the summer and throughout my collegiate years. Before my graduation date in December 2017, I was offered a full-time role with Luna Brand Management.
Since my start as an intern in April 2016, I have watched this company multiply! Within the first year of my position, I was invited to national conferences, networking opportunities, and even office visits to get to know the faces behind the incredible brands we represent. In a year alone, I have traveled to Dallas, Houston, Austin, Orlando, and most recently Nashville. It’s been an honor to watch this firm flourish and grow as much as it has. It’s even more incredible being able to share this opportunity with my talented colleagues.
Although that’s how my story began with Luna, it does not end there! This company has helped me establish myself as a young businesswoman from the start and I have grown outside of every comfort zone I formerly had. I have developed into more of a professional within these three years of working than I could have ever imagined as a recent graduate. The experiences and lessons I have learned, I can apply to everyday life. Let’s not forget the biggest blessing of this career, alongside traveling the nation, is working remotely. I moved out to Phoenix, AZ, right after graduation and did not have to worry about finding a local job; I had one based in my other home, San Antonio.
All in all, I have loved working with Luna Brand Management. It’s a fun work dynamic where I can be creative and share my ideas. Not a day goes by where I don’t have a brainstorming session with one of my colleagues to find new and ingenious ideas that will make us stand out from our competitors. We are always pushing the limits, finding inspiration, and cheering each other on. Luna Brand Management has given me everything I could hope for, and it’s an honor to continue helping it grow.