Asking Alexandria Lucas

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Alex Lucas, and I am Luna Brand Management’s newest intern! Just a little about me. I was born on July 7th, 1998, and was raised in West Virginia, where I currently reside. I am a recent graduate of Concord University in Athens, WV. I graduated in May of 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Studio Art. During my time at Concord, I learned a lot about art and design. Art and creating things, in general, have been a passion of mine since I was a child. I remember drawing so much during elementary and middle school that I would get in trouble during class. It never really discouraged me, though; my love for art just grew. In high school, I got introduced to another art form, performance art. I joined my high school’s theater department and have loved acting and performing ever since.

I continued pursuing art when I went to college, joining the theater department there as well. Art appears to be my forte. While in college, I also joined a few organizations. I was a member of the campus’s Student Support Services and even became an intern for them during my fourth year. I joined the National Theater Fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega, my freshman year and joined the local sorority, Nu Zeta Chi, my senior year. Being a part of these organizations positively impacted my college experience. I’ve made amazing friends and memories I think I’ll have for life.

Working With Luna

I first heard of Luna and got introduced by my friend Ricky. Throughout my college journey, I knew I wanted a career where I could implement my graphic design skills. Luna felt like the perfect place for me! Christina and Amy Flores were the first Luna members I got to speak with, and I could already feel the positive energy radiating from them. After our first few conversations, I knew this would be the perfect place for me. I started my internship with Luna in June, and it’s been a fantastic experience ever since; I immediately felt welcomed by the other members! Not only have I gotten to apply all the design skills I’ve learned through the years, but I’ve also learned new skills as well! I’ve been introduced to many new programs such as Canva, CapCut, Inshot, Renderforest, and Animoto. Learning how these new programs worked took some getting used to, and after playing around with them for a bit, I started feeling more confident in my work.

Canva has become one of my new favorites. I’ve figured out how to take the resources and templates provided and shape them into my own vision. CapCut and Inshot were my first experiences with video editing, and I am extremely proud of the results I was able to produce with them. Out of them both, I preferred Inshot just a little more as I found its interface easier to navigate. I had a lot of fun with the animations provided by Renderforest and Animoto. They make it so easy to produce professional-looking videos quickly and easily.

While with Luna, I’ve set a sort of schedule for myself. I’ve figured out in the past that I work best when I have specific times set aside for tasks. It helps me keep a pattern and feel more organized. I usually start my days with breakfast and a little bit of chill time, then work for a while, have dinner later in the evening, then either more work or relaxation, depending on how much I had done earlier. This scheduled day helps me fight the “I’ll get to it later” mindset of procrastination, as now I have a set time that ensures I will “get to it.”

My internship with Luna has been such a learning experience for me, not just in new skills but in how I work as a person as well. I love being a part of this team and getting to know every member as I continue my journey. I hope this internship is just the beginning of my thriving career, and I can’t wait to see what all I accomplish!