Celebrating 4 Years Of Success

Four years ago, an idea was hatched. What if a business was built where the intention was to provide an exceptional opportunity for not only the clients but for the team members as well? This thought process led to the birth of Luna Brand Management. Over the years, this ideology has helped countless businesses expand their online reach, grown Luna from a one-woman show to a team of ten, and most importantly, has helped an innumerable amount of people reach new career heights. Luna has now become more than a business. It has become a family. It is home. 

Let’s start off at the beginning. In 2015, our CEO, Christina, decided to open a brand management business where she would help clients take control over their online presence. Now, when you start a business, one of the first things to do is pick a name. However, it took Christina almost a year to settle on one. Funny enough, it was sitting under her nose the whole time. Luna is a combination of the two most important aspects of her life. Her children, Lucas and Lana. This is extremely fitting since we view ourselves as family, not just teammates. 

As we mentioned earlier, Luna Brand Management now has a team of TEN. This achievement was a slow process, since discovering talent takes time. Luna’s first team member was Amy Flores, who is now our Operations Manager. With time, we then welcomed Abbi, Amy B, Anna, Autumn, Erika, Courtney, Grace-Anne, and Merilyn! Each member came on-board with a specific set of skills that has helped our business grow and flourish. These range from graphic design, print editing, journalism, and project management. One of the best parts about being a part of the Luna Brand Management team is that we have a never-ending pool of skills to pull and learn from!

As you may have guessed, these past four years have been chock full of learning lessons. We are thankful for each milestone and setback because they helped us get to where we are now. One of our notable mentions this past year was learning that we were the recipient of the Best of Converse Award! It took a moment for this news to settle in because we were finally getting recognition for 4 years of hard work, but wow, did it feel great. Truthfully, looking at the success our clients have achieved is all the recognition that we need, however, as Beyonce says, “if you got it, flaunt it!” 

The goal from the start was to build a team of people that would produce exceptional results. This has now become a reality, and now Luna Brand Management has reached a point where it can offer more to the people that helped build her. Our team members now receive PTO, company-sponsored, bi-annual travel opportunities, paid holidays, maternity leave, monthly bonuses, and most recently, a 401K. We would be nowhere without this amazing group of people, and it is the best feeling knowing that our business will help them lead happy and fulfilled lives long-term.

We can hardly believe that four years have passed since Luna Brand Management opened. Over the years, we have worked with and been encouraged by countless numbers of people. So many, in fact, that there isn’t enough space here to name them all. But, we do want to take this moment to say thank you. Thank you to every person that has helped us grow, learn, and thrive! Without each and every one of you, we wouldn’t be here. 

The Luna Brand Management family has some big goals planned for the next few years and we want you to tag along for the ride! Be sure to follow us on all of our social media platforms. This way, you are guaranteed updates on each success and achievement!