Five Strategies To Better Branding With Luna Brand Management

At Luna Brand Management we know a few things about molding a successful online presence and we have decided to share that knowledge in order to help your company thrive online. Today, we are spilling our five best strategies on how to create a presence that is authentic, consistent, and stunning! Are you up for the challenge?

Go in with a game plan

Your first step to better branding is to determine just how far you want your reach to extend. Are you comfortable with Facebook or Instagram, or do you want the whole shebang! Ask yourself “how many social media sites am I currently on and how many do I want to be on?” Our advice is to research the sites that have the most traffic and decide from there. It is always better to be on too many than too few. Next, determine how many posts you plan on having weekly. This allows you to stick to a schedule and to hold yourself accountable. We recommend setting up a spreadsheet and physically checking off each time a post is uploaded. Finally, you need to determine who is going to be responsible for managing these sites. Pick someone that is meticulous, punctual, and gives off the energy that you want others to view when looking at your sites!


Discover your authentic voice

The key to being successful online is to stand out from the competition! What’s your voice? Are you witty and sarcastic or professional and corporate? It’s important to show people what your business is all about and in order to do that, you have to be authentic. What are your views and values? What do you want people to take away when they visit your sites? There is no right answer. Only what works best for you! So, discover your voice and make it your priority to show that in every post.

Consistency is key

When we talk about consistency, we’re not just focusing on the content — we’re talking about font, logo, color scheme, vibe, etc. When you research Luna Brand Management online, you will instantly recognize our logo, the text we use, and our company colors. This is because we use them in every single post! Your social feeds need to have a natural flow to them that showcases your business and has continuity. By doing this, you are promoting your professionalism and company culture. Not to mention that sticking to a theme is more aesthetically pleasing and will help increase your follower count!


Quality, quality, quality

We cannot harp enough on how important quality is! Your pictures should be clear, professional, and of content that you want to showcase. Whether this is your team, business achievements, and/or philanthropy. Don’t use photographs that are dark, blurry, or showing material that doesn’t show off your company culture. Our biggest tip when it comes to quality – don’t put the person in your office that still uses a flip phone in charge of taking pictures at the next company picnic!

Be technical

As we stated in our first tip, it’s important to be on the most trafficked sites. However, in order for this to matter, you need to understand how each site works. For example, if you are posting content on Instagram, you’ll generally want to include a few hashtags that target a larger audience than the current one you have following you. One of the most important things you should do on all of your sites is include links to your other social media sites! This will increase traffic to your feed, up your likes, and pull in more business. In order to get the most out of these social sites, you need to know the ins and outs of how they work!

At Luna Brand Management, we are constantly learning new techniques and trends that help our clients thrive online. We believe that if you follow these five tips, you will see an instant increase in online followers, and this will bring your company WAY more business! So, first, create a game plan, then focus on being authentic, consistent, professional, and technical. Remember, taking your company to the next level is just a click and a like away!