Get To Know Me – Dominique☆

Hi! I’m Dominique, a senior studying Visual Communications at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Within my major, I learned about photography, videography, print production, and interactive media. I specialized in interactive media, so anything to do with being online is what I love. So when I heard about Luna Brand Management through Autumn Newman, I knew immediately that I had a lot to learn from this amazing team! In addition to being an intern at Luna, I am also working as a Supervisor of Marketing for BGSU Recreation and Wellness. In the year I’ve worked there, I’ve gotten to create content several social media accounts reaching over 3,500 followers, create a flyer and digital advertisements that are displayed in multiple places on campus, and create an entire marketing campaign from the very beginning. My favorite part of that was I able to come up with a concept for a large mural that was permanently installed in the Student Recreation Center. Even with all of my work for Recreation and Wellness, I still knew there was even more experience I could gain.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten to learn something new every single week. Ranging from Instagram stories to YouTube thumbnails, and even this blog post. I’ve had such a great time getting to see my work displayed on so many different platforms. Although my favorite topic was definitely the week we covered TikTok! I downloaded the app in December and instantly became ???????? with it. The content is so diverse that there really is something for everyone. During that week, we made our own TikTok for the Luna account and created accounts for a few clients. It just goes to show that at Luna, the ever-changing social trends are embraced and used to our clients’ advantage. TikTok is a newer social media app but provides a broad reach to people all over.

Being 22, I’m at the perfect age to remember life without social media, but also to have been using it since I was about 12 years old. I’ve really gotten to see the transition of companies and brands moving to social media marketing instead of “traditional” marketing. Regular people are creating a brand out of themselves and being able to profit off of their influence. Right now, if a company doesn’t have social media, it’s almost like they don’t exist! A company’s presence online can make or break their business. That’s why interning with Luna has been so incredible because it has just solidified just how impactful a positive, consistent online image can be.

In addition to the technical skills I’ve learned, it’s also just so refreshing to be a part of such a positive team. Every single person has been so sincerely supportive and given feedback that has been constructive and informative. I have felt nothing but pure genuineness from everyone who I’ve worked with. Each intern was paired with a mentor to help guide them through the process. Anna, my mentor, has really kept me sane since I met her. I’ve had a lot of commitments to balance, but every time I talk to her, I feel like I can take on the world. (Anna, you are amazing!)

Overall, I’m having the best time with phenomenal women. I am gaining tons of relevant experience that I will be able to use for the rest of my time at Luna and in my future career!

Check out my vlog from the week covered video platforms!