Holiday Marketing Tips 101

We are currently in the midst of the holidays! Can you believe it’s finally here? After the year we’ve been through, the team at Luna Brand Management is soaking in all the festive vibes, including a pivot towards holiday marketing. If you own a business, this is the perfect time to end the year on a high note. Continue reading to learn a few marketing tips that could be the difference between coasting through these next few weeks or thriving and surpassing your original marketing goals.

Audit Your Previous Marketing Strategies.


This step requires a little elbow grease, but we promise it will be worth it! If you’re an experienced entrepreneur, gather your numbers from years prior. Break down the strategies you’ve attempted in previous years to see what works and what is a total bust. Once you’ve distinguished what works and what doesn’t, do a little research on your competitor’s previous strategies. Although you may not have their numbers on the back end, you can see what specific posts are getting more attention than others. After you’ve broken down these numbers, consider your current audience. Have their values and needs changed in the last 12 months? The answer to this question will give you the last bit of details you need for the marketing strategy formula you’re ready to curate.

Go Big On Holiday Spirit.


Consumers aren’t only looking for the best deals and discounts; they want the warm and fuzzy holiday feeling when they visit your location physically or on social media. This includes your overall branding and weekly posts. Deck the halls with boughs of holly, and don’t forget to update your social media banners with plenty of sparkles! Here at Luna Brand Management, we love to promote engaging posts for our followers about their holiday favorites. Our team participates in various “This or That” posts, holiday gift guides, the sharing of festive recipes, and holiday playlists! We then turn the question over to our viewers. Who doesn’t love to share how they choose to spend the holidays?

Raise Money For A Local Charity Or Donate Money To A Cause.


The holidays are a season of giving! Do your part by giving back this year to the less fortunate. Use your platform to promote awareness and donating to charities like Toys For Tots, Make A Wish Foundation, or Operation Christmas Child and bring joy to children who might not have the luxury of receiving gifts this year. When we give up our time or our possessions, we feel good, and according to experts, that is because we are hardwired to enjoy helping others. Also, helping others is proven to be contagious! Seeing others do good things inspires others to do the same. As a whole, we modify our behaviors and make decisions based on what we see around us. As an established company, we believe in doing all that we can to help spread happiness and joy amongst our followers to help those in need.

Our team wants to help small businesses everywhere thrive during the holiday seasons. With all the hardships our country has faced this year, we hope these tips will take your company to the next level! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us here at Luna Brand Management.