How to Kickstart Your Brand Post-Pandemic

As we approach the halfway mark, we can confidently say that 2020 has been a year of unexpected battles and challenges; a year that’s tested our strength and given us the opportunity to persevere personally and professionally. COVID-19 has caused us, as a society, to make a shift in countless ways. As a business and as a brand, it’s vital that you take these changes into account as you reopen your doors. With brand management being at the core of our professional services, our team at Luna Brand Management wants to share best practices to implement within your brand post-pandemic.

Start by Examining Your Online Presence

With stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures put into place, people have more time than ever before to spend on social media. What does this mean for your brand? Potential customers, clients, or employees are much more likely to do their homework, so you want to make sure your online presence is in tip-top shape. 

Begin by examining your website and social media outlets from an objective advantage point. Be conservative in the types of photos you are posting. People will make judgments on your company based on if you’re adhering to social distancing guidelines and taking the pandemic seriously.

Acceptable: Photos of your team on Zoom calls

What to avoid: Big group photos without masks or spaced apart

Relationships, Partnerships, and Connections

It’s likely that you were in the middle of establishing new relationships in your network before the craziness hit. How are you going to reestablish connections that have taken a hit these past few months? Go through your clientele and reach out. Engaging with customers shows that you are dedicated, aware, and value your partnership.

Provide Your Audience with Helpful Resources

Show your viewers that you’re actively learning about the issues at hand, and share any important information, articles, and resources that could benefit others on your social sites. This will showcase that as a business, you understand the severity of the situation and are acknowledging the problem. You’ve researched, now what?

Share Your Game Plan and Put it into Action

Now that you have solid research under your belt, it’s time to share what you’ve learned and strategize the best ways to make your business safe, comfortable, and inviting for your clients. Issue a public statement about how you handled COVID-19, and what your company plans to do moving forward. Whether it’s putting a heavier focus on cleanliness and sanitation or limiting the number of people allotted in your office at one time, give your viewers a strong update to leave them feeling confident in your brand.

Get Involved and Call to Action

Your gameplan has been implemented. How can you get others involved in the community? Show your support for your surrounding area by mentioning how your business has helped people during this time, and how others can do the same. Find a local charity or foundation in need that people can volunteer at or donate to, and provide the link with additional information. After all, our livelihood depends on one another.

Whether you have a physical office location or your business is remote, one thing is for sure – your reputation is the heart of your brand. Make it easily apparent to your viewers that you’ve researched, understood, taken action, and are ready to come back prepared and stronger than ever. People notice when businesses are resilient and adapt to whatever comes their way.

We hope you are able to utilize these tips and feel confident in your brand’s post-pandemic comeback! For additional information regarding our team, brand management services, and more, we invite you to visit our website. We wish you great safety and health!