Introducing Storyteller Extraordinaire, Vincent Lewis

At Luna Brand Management, we are family. While many companies attempt to say the same, it’s different here. We truly value one another and respect not only the talent each of our team members brings to the table but their opinions and recommendations as well. In February of 2021, we had the pleasure of bringing on board Vincent Lewis, whom we met through our Engagement Specialist, Grace-Anne Matocha. She was confident in Vincent’s work as a video producer, and to say that we are grateful that we listened to her is an understatement. Vincent kickstarted his time at Luna working on small projects here and there. He quickly showed us his knack for producing exemplary work, and honestly, we were hooked from day one.

A Houston native and Sam Houston State University graduate, Vincent had once dreamt of joining the Air Force. However, he made the decision after high school to attend college to study computer animation, which led him to discover his passion for film and writing stories. At twenty-four years old, he is working hard to continue learning, improving, and discovering just how far his talent can reach.

After working here at Luna Brand Management for a year, Vincent accepted a position at SHSU as a video producer, where he works with other producers to write, film, and edit content for the university.

“I recently finished my first editing promo that they really liked. Other things we do are set up and run live events. For example, graduation and ring ceremonies. Most of all, we get to use some high-end equipment that makes my inner gear-head geek out every time. I would be remiss not to mention that the opportunities here at Luna definitely helped prep me for what I’m doing now.”

We love showcasing our people and were thrilled when Vincent agreed to a Q&A! As a pivotal member of our team, he deserves a moment in the spotlight, and hopefully, his story inspires you to take charge of your career and to write your own story.

Vincent, let’s start off by talking about your goals. Can you share your short and long-term goals with us?

A short-term goal of mine is to finish my first feature-length film script. My long-term goal is to write and direct a major feature film.

We can’t wait to see all that you create! Your talent knows no bounds.

What inspired you to be a videographer?

I find the endless possibilities in telling a story inspiring. Seeing the stories told in my favorite movies and tv shows through a combination of writing and videography inspired me to pursue it as a passion.

What would you describe as your greatest accomplishment to date?

I’d say that my biggest accomplishment to date is the growth that I’ve had since graduation. I would have never imagined that I’d end up where I am now with such dope colleagues. The guys from my new job are cool, too!

We hope you know that the feeling is mutual! We are so happy that you are a part of our Luna family!!

Speaking of Luna, what’s your favorite thing about us?

One of my favorite things about Luna is that there is never a lack of opportunities to learn something new and grow.

“A piece of advice a friend gave me about collaboration once was that an idea you really like doesn’t always pan out to be the best one for the project. That’s one of the reasons why having a team is so important —both in film and in everything else.”

What’s been your favorite project so far?

My favorite project with Luna was the promotional video for Xcellent ATL in Atlanta, Georgia.

That video was perfection! 

What is a skill you would like to learn?

Currently, I’m learning how to work with graphic and visual effects.

How exciting!

How do you measure your performance and success?

As cheesy as it may sound, I measure my success based on how much I improved in performance from where I was before. As long as I’m learning and getting better, it’s the right step toward success.

What is your greatest skill?

Second, to pulling all-nighters, my greatest skills are video editing and writing. These skills pair nicely together!

Who inspires you?

Someone who inspires me would be Grace-Anne. Watching her work and grow inspires me every day to do what I do.

We weren’t kidding when we said that Vincent was focused on growth. His team-oriented mindset has made him the ultimate collaborator, and his genuine desire to be great has made him an inspiration to us all at Luna Brand Management. It has been an absolute joy to watch his confidence grow, and we are eager to see all that the future holds for this kind, hardworking, and brilliant storyteller!

“Something that inspires me is stories. There’s something about watching a great show/movie or reading a book that makes me want to get up and make one of my own.”