Just Getting to Know Jessica

Hello, Hi there! My name is Jessica Baxter, and I am Luna Brand Management’s newest addition to the internship program. I am 21 years old and currently a senior at Sam Houston State University studying Marketing. Recently, I added a Graphic Design minor to my degree program and am expected to graduate in the Spring of 2022! Growing up, I’ve always loved taking art classes and even competed in art competitions in my school district. After high school, I didn’t think art could turn into a serious career, but my friends and family always encouraged me to pursue something creative. After I treated myself to an iPad Pro (thank you stimulus check!), I started playing around with digital art and knew it was something I wanted to pursue. Since then, I have started my own small business on Instagram, Sketch with Jess, where I share digital art and sell stickers, portraits, and prints on Etsy!

Going into college, I wasn’t sure if I would stick with my major. But throughout my time in university, my passion and knowledge for marketing have grown so much! While taking my first marketing class, I felt very inspired by my professor, who always made sure she was keeping up with the latest and greatest trends. She mentioned wanting to start a social media marketing course and needed at least 30 students to make it an official class. Hearing her describe in detail the link between marketing and social media excited me, and that evening I emailed her to sign up! From that point on, I knew digital media was an area of marketing that I wanted to learn more about and potentially build my career around.

Now that I’m nearing the end of college, internships and marketing jobs were definitely on my mind. I first heard about Luna Brand Management through one of my amazing best friends, Grace-Anne! When she described the company and what her work consisted of, it sounded right up my alley. I was lucky enough to go through the interview process and land a spot as a brand management intern for the Spring! Right now, I’m about halfway through the program and have learned and gained so much experience. Each week, I am assigned new projects that revolve around a specific platform or tool. My favorite week so far has been Canva because I love the design freedom it offers (seriously, I could spend hours on it). This process has strengthened and expanded my skills within the social media world. During TikTok week, I even managed to go viral! (52k views and counting! Click here to watch!)

Besides the weekly projects, I’ve also enjoyed learning and getting to know the spectacular team here at Luna! My mentor, Anna, is so sweet and a design nerd just like me! Everyone has been so kind, welcoming, and eager to help guide me through each week. The feedback, support, and experience from this internship is an opportunity that I am so happy to have. In regards to the future, I am excited to see where this journey takes me!