Life, Love & Luna ?: By Anna Telles

Hello! My name is Anna Telles and here is my story!

Ohio born and raised, I grew up on the east side of Cleveland with my older brother, two parents, and our family dog. I knew from an early age I wanted to do something creative, so I made the decision to attend Bowling Green State University, where I studied Visual Communications Technology with a focus in print and photography. My freshman year I join my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, where I got to meet some amazing women who became lifelong friends! My sorority also offered me opportunities to hold leadership roles, which lead to many other great experiences – like meeting my falcon flame and husband, Austin!

Right after graduation, I managed a local custom apparel store and loved working in the print industry. I knew I wanted to grow and learn as much as possible, so I made the decision to explore other avenues in the print world. From large format printing to signage (small and large scale stuff), I gained some amazing, hands-on experience designing for different mediums and even picked up some production skills along the way! During this time, my personal life started to grow too – I got married, we purchased our first home, and adopted our two dogs, Zelda and Sadie. After spending five years in the print world, I felt like I had reached my design potential and started to consider changing directions once again. Did I mention my time at BGSU also introduced me to our amazing Digital Content Manager, Abbi? Abbi and I met during an internship where we grew a life-long friendship. Abbi reached out to me with a potential opening at Luna Brand Management and after some research on the company, I jumped at the chance to get in contact with Christina.

A few months after, I happily started part-time at Luna last August. Within a matter of a few weeks, my part-time role turned into a full time one and I couldn’t be happier! I now have my dream job with Luna as a Digital Design Coordinator! Switching gears to an at-home position was something new to me, but I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create the life I want. I was so fortunate to live within a few hours of Abbi, and she was able to give me some hands-on training to help ease the transition. I have been pushed outside my comfort zone into unknown waters, but I know I always have the support of my team so I always dive right in.

I came into this experience excited and inspired by the amazing women who are the working force behind Luna. Getting to learn more about the amazing world of brand management has sparked a new passion and I love getting to work alongside others who feel the same. I instantly became obsessed with our mission and love our team’s unity. Though we may be far apart in distance, I have never felt so connected with my team members. From our hilarious group chats to the constant wave of support, our team is truly unlike any other I have been a part of. Not only is everyone always willing to help, but they have also taught me new skills I never imagined. I’ve learned new ways to be more productive on my own, time management skills for work and home, and new technology that has improved my life SO much! Not only is our team simply incredible, but our clients are as well. Our clients have given me opportunities to push my design skills, which is something I am very grateful for. During my seven months at Luna, I have learned so much, and I can’t wait to keep going!

My plan for the future is to always keep pushing forward, and I know that there is endless growth here at Luna Brand Management. I am excited to continue to learn from each and every person on our team, as you all inspire me daily! The skills I have acquired at Luna are something I treasure, and I can’t wait to continue to develop them. Make sure you stay tuned, my story has just begun!