Luna’s Vermont Travel Guide

The fall season is here, and at Luna Brand Management, that means it’s time to gush about our latest retreat! We started the month of October by packing our bags and traveling to the Boston airport, where our team, which is located across the United States, came together after many months apart. Was this our final destination? Nope! Once everyone arrived, we loaded into two rental cars and traveled to Woodstock, Vermont.

As is our style, we did our research, enjoyed our trip, and are now sharing our favorite spots to add to your travel itinerary! Please note that we visited some fantastic locations in Boston, Woodstock, and Salem. We were all about making the most of our time in the New England area, and we hope you choose to do the same!

When we say that we were audibly gasping over the stunning views along our trek to our Airbnb, we aren’t kidding. Many of our team members live in Texas and while the Lone Star State is beautiful, seeing the leaves changing color was an incredible change of scenery. If you’re looking for the perfect fall getaway destination, your search is through because Woodstock is goals! The town is picturesque, the residents are amazing, and the food is mouthwatering.


For those of you addicted to our travel guides, you know we spent time in Newport, Rhode Island, in September of 2020, and we fell in love with the food! So you can only imagine our excitement to feast in Boston and Woodstock. We can confidently say that we stan New England delicacies.

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Most of our shopping took place in Salem because there was no way we were going to the witch capital of the US and NOT loading up on goods! From books to crystals, our team came home well-stocked!

Photography Spots

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Our Luna team showed up dressed and ready to snag photos!! Documenting our travels is a passion of ours, and you know we were eager to snap some stunning pictures for the gram. A quick trip to each of these spots will not disappoint!

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Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

As big fans of fresh air and nature, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to take a hike through Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park. We were so close to Vermont’s only national park and had to take advantage! Perfect for both beginner and advanced hikers, we recommend walking the entire trail as there is a TON to enjoy, including a beautiful lake, where we, of course, snapped a few photos and watched as horse riders sauntered around the paths. This is one activity we encourage you to add to your itinerary; it’s great for the body and the mind!

Woodstock and Salem were everything our Luna team thought they would be. They were overflowing with both beautiful leaves and people and were the best spots for a magical trip! No matter if you’re going solo, with friends, or with your family, time spent in these New England cities will have you in the fall spirit. Be sure to let us know which of these locations are making an appearance on your travel itinerary!!