Mompreneurs: Life’s Balancing Act

You’ve probably heard hundreds of businesses brag about their family-focused company culture, and we would bet that every time you roll your eyes. We get it; it’s an overused phrase that attempts to lure interview candidates and team members into a false sense of unity. However, we’ve redefined “family-focused company” at Luna Brand Management to make it less cheesy and more 2022. We believe you can do it all – entrepreneur, mom, partner, friend. No matter what you want to achieve in your life, you can do it. You have the power, and we do all we can to support our people towards their goals.

At this time, Luna has five mompreneurs – Christina, Abbi, Anna, Brooke, and Nayeli. Their little ones range in age from 9 years old to Nayeli’s bundle of joy, due in January of 2023. Each has a great perspective on what it’s like to thrive professionally while simultaneously raising their children, or for Nayeli, preparing for motherhood. Our goal is for this Q&A with these moms to instill you with confidence. Finding balance between your many roles is not easy, but we hope their responses show you how happy they each are with their choice to put in the hard work!

How do you manage your time between being a mom and knocking out work?

Abbi: I do my best work in the AM before the sun is up and the kids are sleeping. Also, I try to balance my work between computer and phone, depending on when my watch begins with the babes.

Anna: Planning! It’s all about managing my time and making sure I plan out my day effectively. I will prepare my work day the night before, so I start the morning with my list created and my tasks organized by urgency and time sensitivity. This way, I know what must get done and what I can flex to the next day in order to have time and manage my home responsibilities as well.

Brooke: I try my best to work when my kids are at school or after they go to bed. It just takes planning ahead of time to ensure there’s a block of time where I can get things done.

Nayeli: Between doctor’s appointments, looking to buy a home for our little one to grow up in, and preparing for my baby’s arrival, time can slip by quickly. I’m grateful to have the flexibility I have with Luna Brand Management because, at the end of a busy day, I find time during and toward the end of the day to work. If I’m not on track with my work schedule one day, I take the next day to prepare and execute the plan I set for myself.

Christina: I adhere to a schedule, when possible, and use that as a guideline for building in quality work time and quality time with my children! I know between 6:30-7:30 am, that’s time with my kids in the am, and then when they’re off to school, from 8 am-3 pm are my work power hours before school pick up! From 3-9, I’m focused primarily on my duties as a mom before I switch back into my role as a boss from 9 pm until the job is done. Sometimes that’s 11 pm, 12 pm, 1 am – whatever it may be; I’m willing to take that trade-off for those precious hours that I am present picking my kids up from school, taking them to their extracurriculars, making their dinner, bathing them, and reading them to sleep. So, in short, I manage my time by just respecting what role I’m playing at what time of the day!

What advice do you have for new moms looking for a work/life balance?

Abbi: Notice if you’re an early bird or a night owl – mold your availability around when they sleep. Also, when we were ready for childcare but not daycare yet – an in-home nanny worked really well for our peace of mind and sanity.

Anna: Support! Find support from your employer, support from your friends and family, and any other support you need, such as child care. I am still a new mom myself, but I’ve learned that life comes in seasons during this time, and having support makes it so much easier to manage the changes!

Brooke: I think, as moms, we want to be successful at everything and tend to be “yes” people. But learning and setting your boundaries is also important for a good work-life balance. If you are having family time and you get an email or text from work, it’s okay to let it wait to protect that family time. It’s also important to ensure you allow yourself some “me-time,” which is something I used to feel guilty about. Now I create time every day to move my body and work out in some form because this is vital. Exercising has a huge impact on my mental health as well, so creating the time to exercise has improved my mental well–being. Whether it’s exercise, reading, or some other hobby, setting aside that “me-time” is a must.

Nayeli: It takes time to find a schedule that works. Try a new routine for a few days and track how much you accomplish. Make adjustments, throw in a couple of things you love to do in the mix, and enjoy the routine you create for yourself. I know I’m going to have a pretty significant routine adjustment soon!

Christina: I think people strive for work/life balance so much, but I say go for work/life harmony. My work and motherhood are not split 50/50. When I work, I give my 110% to work. When I’m with my kids, I strive to do the same, but if work needs me, they know why I need to step away to take a call or look at the computer. I involve my kids in my work – they’ve all met the team and insert themselves in client calls sometimes (haha) because, at the end of the day, the time & energy I dedicate to my work is for the bigger picture of our family. Now trust me, I have a lot of room to grow regarding setting boundaries for myself and what are working hours and what are family hours, but rather than having the two at odds (work & family), ask yourself if they could be in harmony sometimes instead.

How does being a mom motivate you?

Abbi: I am better at holding myself accountable. I understand I have no choice but to transition to parent mode when they need me in the afternoon, especially when the toddler skips nap time. When I begin my day, my motivation is fueled by the importance of staying focused on work now so I can stay focused on their needs later.

Anna: To be the best example I can be for my daughter. I want her to grow up being proud of me and my career, as well as how much I am there and our quality time together. It makes working at odd hours of the night and in the early morning worth it!

Brooke: It helps me have a bigger purpose. I really love knowing that they watch me love my job and the excitement in my voice when I share with my husband the new things I’m learning.

Nayeli: Being a mom-to-be is motivating in and of itself. I would love to give my son the opportunities that weren’t accessible to me growing up. I know my partner and I will strive to do our best to provide our son with the best.

Christina: It’s a beautiful reminder that challenging days or weeks, or seasons at work, are 100% worth it for their future. I want the world for myself, but I want the galaxy for my children.

There are very few careers that are not just remote but offer the freedom & flexibility ours does, and that motivates the hell out of me. I’m there to get L&L ready for school, join for lunches, do car pick-ups, attend assemblies, after-hours events, etc., all because I chose this career path. My career motivates me because it allows me to be a present parent, and motherhood motivates me to do better at work, so they have the life they deserve.

Share one piece of life advice.

Abbi: It’s more beneficial in the short-term and the long-term to have a Tetris perspective than a game of chess. Be ready for the unexpected and adjust appropriately –  view every challenging situation as an opportunity.

It’s ok to close your phone or computer for however long it takes to address your child’s needs. They’re watching you and can tell if you’re not 100% engaged in dialogue.

Anna: Take life day by day. Yes, you still need to plan ahead and have great goals for the future, but take the day as it comes and remember to be present at the moment because it will be gone before you know it!

Brooke: Be mentally prepared for the times that plans fall through. We can try our best to plan and map out our days, but there’s always that bump in the road waiting. It’s how you approach and handle unanticipated problems or issues that ultimately affect you.

Nayeli: One thing I’m coming to terms with is you can’t control everything. Sometimes things happen how they’re supposed to, and you have to let it be. You will wear yourself out trying to make every aspect of life perfect. I’m still learning the art of letting go.

Christina: Some days, you’re going to kick work’s ass or motherhood’s ass, and other days it’s going to humble you with no regard for your feelings, schedule, capacity, etc. But, you must remember, no one is keeping score. You’re a great mom if you continue to show up every day for your kid, and you’re a terrific steward of your job if you can say daily you gave it your best effort THAT day. All that matters daily is that your effort was there. You’ll never finish everything on your task list, and maybe your laundry looks like it needs some TLC, but it’s about getting up and doing your best daily.

Let’s talk about mom guilt. Do you feel guilty working?

Abbi: YUPPPPP. When my three-year-old says, “Mommy, put your phone away,” the guilt sets in. “Are you still working? I want to work too!”

Anna: 1000%! I grew up in a household with a stay-at-home mom, and the guilt of being there for my family 24/7 is very real. I think society puts a lot of pressure on moms to do it all, which is physically impossible. I am so thankful that my spouse is supportive physically and emotionally of my career, which helps tremendously!

Brooke: I have had a lot of mom guilt in some of my previous jobs- where my kids were talking to me, and I wasn’t listening because I was working on my phone. Or getting caught up in my work and realizing I’m late to get them lunch. I have mom guilt, and I think it’s hard not to have at least a little bit. But this is something that I’m working on, and it’s getting better.

Nayeli: Although my baby isn’t here yet, I can understand the mom guilt I may be feeling soon. I have pets who would love some cuddles and affection and find myself telling them, “Not now.” The other day, I thought about how it would be easy to push away your child because you’re busy working. Yes, we’re working to provide a good life, but I’d also love to be present. I’m working on being mindful of my words and allowing myself to take a break, give some love, and create beautiful memories.

Christina: Every blue moon, when work needs my attention more than normal, but rarely. I grew up with a role model (s/o to my mom) who instilled in me that I needed to work for the life I wanted to build. I know that the experiences my children enjoy and the lifestyle they have is a direct result of my and my husband’s hard work. I want to show them that “work” can be the conduit to an absolutely beautiful life, barring they’re willing to put in the elbow grease needed! I want an above-average life for us, so I’m proud to show them exactly the effort that’s required to achieve that.

Share a little of your mom/work journey and how they tie together.

Abbi: The timing has made everything a lot easier. I became a mom about a year after adjusting to working from home, which made the transition easier than most situations. When my firstborn cut back from 2 to 1 nap a day, COVID hit and brought my hours to part-time, allowing me to get used to how to make another routine adjustment before diving back into full-time. I’m also very grateful to have a boss who understands motherhood from every angle. I wouldn’t be as confident throughout this parenthood without having such an intentional example right in front of me. Because of her model, I’ve always felt I could handle parenting two kids while still using a compassionate parenting style with my husband. Shoutout to that varsity mom!

Anna: I actually sought out the career I have before becoming a mom! I’ve always worked as a graphic designer professionally, but originally, I worked in the print industry and knew a 9-5 job that required me to be in a printing warehouse would not be ideal for the family life I wanted. Now, my flexibility and ability to be able to work from anywhere have allowed me to stay at home with my daughter while still designing and being creative!

Brooke: I was a lash artist for a couple of years. That worked out great with being in Washington with family. I was able to have help, as my husband was in medical school and was not around much. I was due to have our second child about three months before we moved to TX for my husband’s residency, so I knew that job would come to an end. Our second child has Down Syndrome, so we decided it would be best for me to stay home for a couple of years. I loved staying home with the kids, but I also knew I enjoyed working. Working makes me feel really proud of myself. Fast forward to meeting Christina at the YMCA. I had always hoped there would be a position at Luna for me, and if so, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity. I love that it’s part-time and really flexible around my family life. I am truly so lucky.

Nayeli: My mom/work journey is shaping up to be great. I have the support and advice of other working Luna moms who are there to share their wisdom with me. I know I can ask for advice about what to do and what to expect. I’m nervous about adding a little one to the mix, but I feel better knowing there are strong working moms on the team who understand the journey.

Christina: I started Luna when I was pregnant with Lana because I knew I wanted a career path that would allow me to stay at home with her for her first year and also a position that offered more flexible hours. Between her (unborn) and Lucas, who was a little older than 2 at the time, I had all the motivation I needed to put my dream into drive. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for getting pregnant with Lana. So I thank the universe for the ultimate sign that if I wanted to be the mom I wanted to be long-term (available for every school event, extracurricular, provide amazing travel experiences, etc.), I first needed to be the business owner I always longed to be.

Talk about inspiring women! These Luna mompreneurs invest their time in their families, careers, and themselves. They are each at different checkpoints of their motherhood journeys, and we hope their mentalities inspire you to be all you dream to be!

Special shoutout to our Luna Littles – Haven & Henley Crawford, Teagan Philomena, Thiago, Lucas & Lana, and Harrison & Arlow!