Once Upon a Ricky

Hello, hello, hello! Hi everyone, my name is Ricky, and I am one of Luna Brand Management‘s newest interns. So far, working here at Luna has been an amazing experience full of new programs to learn, reading new analytics, adapting to social media strategies, and more importantly, getting to know an outstanding crew of people. As I’m sure you might have surmised from some of Luna’s other posts, everyone here is welcoming, kind-hearted, and filled with energy that truly makes this job even better. It’s important to be involved with a company that uses positive reinforcement and constructive criticism to further you professionally and even personally. Speaking of personal, because of the warm atmosphere that Luna has cultivated, I feel it only right to share who I am and where I have come from to better explain how I have gotten to this point in my career.

Currently, I am twenty-five years old, gay, and am a thriving Gemini living in the sunny state of California, trying to do my best to safely maximize my happiness during this turbulent pandemic. Although I live in California, I was actually born in Costa Rica and take deep pride in my Hispanic heritage. Around the age of five, I moved to New Jersey and mostly grew up there (except for a fun stint of going back to Costa Rica for my last year of high school and for my first year of college, but let’s leave that for a different post). Throughout my childhood, my family moved between towns often, so I quickly adapted to becoming a social media mogul in order to keep in touch with friends and also make new online relationships. Being the older brother of five gave me an edge in terms of being highly independent and wanting to set an example for my younger siblings. So, all of my experiences and desires culminated in my choice of wanting to pursue a media-related career as a form of higher education.

Deciding what to major in at my community college proved to be quite easy because of the interests and hobbies I had at that point in my life. In my spare time, I made fun sprite-animation videos on YouTube, which involved utilizing programs like Macromedia Flash MX2004, Sony Vegas Pro, Photoshop, etc. so my love for creating content, but more importantly, for editing, led me to select digital media/film studies for my two-year degree study. When I transferred, I pursued filmmaking for my bachelor’s degree as it became my main area of interest. I recognize that everyone will always say how important going to college is in forming your identity, and I cannot help but to echo that same sentiment. Having to put myself through school, taking a full roster of classes while working an almost full-time job, working a part-time internship, and working for one of the university’s online blogs was not easy, to say the least, and yet it molded me into who I am now. Somehow I succeeded in not succumbing to burn-out and even managed to graduate from Rider University in 2019!

Pursuing a career is pretty difficult post-college, in my experience. After graduation, I worked as a development assistant and junior editor for an unscripted reality tv company while doing some side gigs as a production assistant. Even though I finally began to use my skills, I did not feel fully fulfilled. I thought about how I wanted to pursue a social media minor in college, but unfortunately, social media is still fairly new to the career market, and many schools have yet to implement these studies, so I never found a way in. When I discovered Luna near the end of 2020, I really wanted to step into this career path that evaded me beforehand. I felt truly connected to the culture Luna Brand Management offers its employees. In fact, using the word employees for Luna is already strange because everyone feels like one diverse family. As mentioned previously, this atmosphere is uplifting and proactive versus the cultures of some other jobs I had in the past. It’s thanks to Luna that I feel like I’m gaining momentum after a long year of stagnation.

In the future, I want to work full-time in brand management, facilitating a company’s outreach to their clientele by being the proxy that connects them both. Right now, under the mentorship of Christina, I want to demonstrate how thankful I am for the opportunity she has given me with this internship by absorbing all the tips and advice given to me. I want to be an expert in all of the software we utilize, and I want to develop a more refined eye in graphic design. In just these past few months, working for Luna Brand Management has been the most rewarding career experience I have had yet in my life. Everyone at this company is absolutely incredible, and I am looking forward to more zoom calls, more interactions, and more to learn. The future is bright in 2021!