Working From Home Tips

Working from home can be fantastic until your dog gets the “zoomies” and knocks the cord from your dying laptop, erasing the last hour of work you just finished. We hope you can’t relate to this scenario, but the fact is, working from home comes with a lot of unexpected obstacles. In an office setting, coworkers can sometimes become distracting …

A Journey To The 🌙 & Back: Christina’s Story

I can pinpoint, almost to the day, I knew that I was built for entrepreneurship. I was 21, taking a Painting with a Twist class with some girlfriends, and for the LIFE of me could not follow the instructor. It wasn’t that I thought I could paint better than her (trust me, I am NOT an artist) but I just …


All About Me, Abbi! 💛

My name is Abbigail Crawford but my friends call me Abbi! Originally, I’m from a small town north of Columbus called New Bloomington. I attended Bowling Green State University, where I studied Visual Communication Technology with a focus in graphic design and photography (this was after I changed my major 4 times freshman year)! I joined a sorority, Delta Zeta, …