The Story About ME! — Valeria Lopez

Hello! My name is Laura Valeria Lopez, but I go by ???????. I’m currently a Senior at St. Mary’s University and expected to graduate in May 2020! (So close yet so far). I like to think that the intern position offered to me at ???? was a blessing in disguise, and I am going to explain why. Before starting this internship, I felt the pressure from professors, other students, and friends that I needed to be ready for graduation. To be ready for graduation, I was expected to at least complete two internships. I only had one internship under my belt, but I felt that I wasn’t quite ready. Although it is not a requirement to do the things mentioned above, I felt that that’s how I was going to be ready to step out in the real world and have experience for other jobs in the field.

Long story short, in October of 2019, I attended a career fair and was determined to land an internship. After meeting a few companies, it seemed that I had matched with ???. They loved me and wanted to extend an interview. After a few months of second and third interviews… they did not offer me the job. To say the least, I know it was not meant for me because the position offered was for Human Resources and I am a Marketing student. I am not going to lie, I was pretty bummed that I could not get an internship, and it seemed that my time as an undergraduate was running out.

Before the semester ended, I talked to a St. Mary’s alumni, and she assured me that there was something out there meant for me. She encouraged me to message other alumni working for companies here in San Antonio, and to, ultimately, connect with them to see if there were any intern positions I could take. At that point, I was enlightened because I remembered this wonderful person who was and IS like a mentor to me, and she worked for a company that did all the things I dreamt of doing. One night in December, I gathered courage and texted ??? ???; she is so awesome (??????????????). Amy Flo told me that they were, indeed, looking for interns for the Spring and that she would like to invite me to a phone interview.

And that is how I ended up here in Luna Brand Management! To say the least, I love everything I have learned and done for this internship. As a brand manager, I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to oversee Luna’s clients’ social media across the nation! I’ve had the chance to showcase my strengths in editing and content creation, as well as work on my weaknesses (Hi, ???? ??????????! How are ya?). I’m eternally grateful to be part of such an awesome company full of empowering women. They have motivated me to be the best version of ?????? and have shown love through every text, call, and e-mails. I continue to learn new things every week, and cannot wait to see how Luna will continue to shape me in the future. The Story About ME! — Valeria Lopez