The Streamer’s Guide to Social Media

If you’re someone who enjoys streaming video games or activities on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc., then perhaps you’ve realized by now that gaining visibility as a streamer is becoming increasingly more challenging as the market becomes more saturated. When you consider that streamers are influencers of a specific “niche”, you realize that in some regards, it’s more difficult to become popular by streaming than by just targeting an overall demographic through an entertaining YouTube vlog. This weakness is also a strength that could garner you faster attention and success when utilized correctly in conjunction with smart and savvy social media strategies like those that Luna Brand Management has mastered.

Don’t Look To Be Viral, Look To Be Consistent

It’s imperative that you prioritize consistent uploads, streams, and engagement versus desiring potential virality. On Twitch, for example, there are schedules you can create and post for followers to understand the days and times you stream. This may sound tedious, but it’s extremely important, especially for micro-influencers that want to build a fanbase from the ground up. Think of it this way, if you want to watch Grey’s Anatomy on the east coast, then you know it’s every Thursday at 9 PM, but if they start switching up the airing date, you lose the viewers that haven’t been made aware of the switch, and those that could only watch at that time. Consistency is key in retaining fans and also amassing them. If you’re new and don’t know what kind of schedule to set for yourself, branch off of your stream analytics! Stream analytics exist so that you can review what days and times gave you more viewers. If you can, adjust your streams to match those peaks so that you are maximizing the stream.

Advertise On Every Social Media Platform

At Luna Brand Management, we tackle all of the platforms that you could imagine. We have Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, and more! We are active at least once a week on each of these platforms. By signing up and having these social media accounts, you are naturally increasing the people that watch you because some viewers only frequent Twitter, whereas others are avid photographers that will prefer the style of Instagram. Through consistent multi-platform advertising, you leave no one behind from knowing you. If you have difficulty creating content, even just a simple hyperlink to your stream on a story or post helps bring a larger audience!

Play To The Niche

Remember, streamers are also divided into even more sub-categories, and as previously stated, it’s a weakness and an asset. Many popular influencers stick to what they know first before branching out into other hobbies. Why? Because you want to build up the audience that met you through your start-up content. If you began streaming video games and then suddenly switched to makeup, you’re not properly feeding the audience that feeds you back. Likewise, if Luna started by posting helpful tips and tricks as a brand management company and then switched to posting about food non-stop, there would be a disconnect with the followers as to what you’re branding yourself as. Build up a reliable fanbase that will enjoy you for your personality and style rather than for what you’re doing on stream. When you achieve this, it becomes more likely to stem out of the same pattern, but keeping the niche and design alive is crucial for keeping yourself afloat as a new inductee into the streamer life. Master the niche and then overtake another!

Most Importantly: Have Fun!

Much like any other influencer, if you are not enjoying the process, then you might need to find ways to make it enjoyable if this is a passion you want to pursue. At Luna Brand Management, we ensure that the content we create brings joy to the client and ourselves! If you find yourself doing too much, start little and then expand, rather than go too wide and stretch yourself thin. Give yourself mental health days, and don’t worry about not streaming on a scheduled day, if need be. It’s all about making sure that the creator is just as happy as the audience. When there’s great synergy between both the streamer and the viewer, the stream is successful. So, have fun, utilize these tips, and stream!