The Woman Behind The Blogs: Meet Courtney ?

My name is Courtney Young and I am the brand journalism associate on our team. I am currently finishing up an English degree at Florida State University, from which I will graduate in four short weeks. I have been working with Luna for almost one year. I am eternally grateful to the entire Luna team for their unending support.

In short, my role on the team is to write. Only at Luna have I been able to pursue my passion for writing, while sharpening my professional skills. What started out as an internship opportunity and a recommendation from a sorority sister (and future teammate)- thanks Laurel- turned into a position I could never imagine leaving. Luna has allowed me to build a role within the team solely dedicated to the journalistic efforts of our clients. It is a dream to say “I am a writer for a living,” without really saying “I am unemployed.” Luna has given me that gift as well as newfound confidence based on my ability and intellect.

I spend my days writing about clients and leaders, so forgive me if I struggled to write about myself. I have been a student at Florida State for three years, and my choice to graduate one year early is one that I am proud of. In August of this year, I will be pursuing another life long goal as I pack my bags and move to New York City.

When publishing for clients, I write a lot about professional growth and mentorship. “Finding a mentor” is a phrase commonly used and less commonly understood. Mentorship is not a relationship that can be forced, and not everyone finds it. Through a remote position, Luna has given me mine. Our CEO and President, Christina England, has proven to be not only a fearless and inspirational leader but a friend in the darkest times. Christina, thank you for being so much more than a boss! Words can’t describe my appreciation for you, but I definitely try. To my Luna ladies, you push me to be better each and every day and I feel lucky to be surrounded by such strong women.

Women are often celebrated for their appearances, fashion choices, or level of femininity. On the Luna team, we see things a different way. We are a female-driven team who celebrates each other for our skills and accomplishments. I feel lucky to be on a team dedicated to the empowerment of women in the professional world.

That’s all for now, see you in the next blog!