Working From Home Tips

Working from home can be fantastic until your dog gets the “zoomies” and knocks the cord from your dying laptop, erasing the last hour of work you just finished. We hope you can’t relate to this scenario, but the fact is, working from home comes with a lot of unexpected obstacles.

In an office setting, coworkers can sometimes become distracting and add to the procrastination of your work. Working from home, you become your own worst enemy. While at home, no one is watching, which can take away the pressure and accountability you receive from your peers, resulting in routinely getting your work done. The entire team at Luna Brand Management works remotely. That’s why we’ve put together advice that can lead you back to full accountability!

Get started early.

One of the most significant differences between working in the office versus at home is the lack of a morning commute that gives you time to wake up and adjust to “work-mode.” The transition from your pillow directly to your workspace can become a struggle if you count on that 15-30 drive to help you get focused each morning. Our solution? Take a sip of your coffee and dive directly into your to-do list. Achieving a task, big or small, will give you a sense of accomplishment and prepare you for a productive day. If you’re not an early bird, consider pinpointing your most productive hours of the day.

Choose a dedicated workspace.

When you work from home, consistency and environment are critical to staying on task. Rather than cooping yourself up in your room or on the couch – spaces that are associated with leisure time – dedicate a specific place or surface in your home to work. Your daily workspace should be organized, clean, and free of distractions to help you stay focused. If you’re having a hard time finding a space in your home, try a local coffee shop or library! Somewhere with wifi availability and that forces you to get out of those sweatpants might give you the push you need to get your work done. The team members at Luna Brand Management can agree that sometimes a public environment can be just the atmosphere we need to get our job done.

Eat the frog.

This is a saying you might have heard before, but what does it mean? It’s simple. If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. This famous line by Bill Gates has inspired millions of people;  

“We tend to overestimate what we can get done in a day, but underestimate what we can accomplish in a year.” -Bill Gates  

When you eliminate your most significant and most challenging tasks first thing in the morning, the rest of your day feels like a breeze. Adopting this method will promote a deep work habit and ensures that you’re setting your schedule.

Here at Luna Brand Management, we feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work from home. Although we run into various obstacles that can be distracting, we’ve learned to apply these crucial tips to help us stay focused and on task! If you’ve recently transitioned to a work-from-home position, we hope you can successfully apply this advice to help you thrive remotely!