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You've hopefully landed on our website because of 2 things: you're starting a new business and need help building a brand, or you have an existing brand and need help improving it in some fashion. Or you're here to offer us a lifetime supply of Starbucks, and we will not turn you away! (You now know the key to our hearts, clients, cough cough.) Whether it's the first or the second, you've arrived at the perfect place.

From designing logos to websites, social media sites to marketing materials, our team of creative professionals is dedicated to crafting a presence that brings your ideas and vision to life in a manner you knew was possible...just not internally. We consider ourselves an extension of your team but with the awesome ability to work from home and have a rotating work uniform of joggers and sweatpants!

We've taken our combined decades of experience in graphic design, content writing, and social media management and have harnessed it into services that showcase your services or products, culture, and team, allowing you to stand out from the competition in a healthy way. No matter the stage your business is in, we're excited to learn more about you and the ways we can help. We look forward to talking soon! (Click below for a free consultation call.)

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Christina England,

There are several ideals we believe as truths here at Luna Brand Management.
1) Showing up online, no matter the size of your business, is essential to your scalability.
2) Making an impact within the vast digital world is entirely achievable but requires a careful, skilled hand to guide it there, and 3) Having a brand that you're proud of is an investment worth making, but not one that should cause financial strain. 

With these three sentiments at our core, our social media agency was born, and as we write this 8 years later, time has been SO good to us! It has allowed our services to expand beyond what we thought possible and shown us that our commitment to exceptional customer service remains at the core of everything we do. And you guessed it; we still believe every business has a unique story to tell, and our mission is to amplify that voice in the digital world. Most importantly, the reason our business has thrived, even through a global pandemic, is not singularly because of our values but the people who embody them.
When we say we work with remarkable talent, we don't just say that biasedly. 


We pinch ourselves when we look around at the remarkable creative pool we have so carefully built over time, cherishing their abilities and ingenuity daily. Our organization has received local accolades, has been recognized nationally by Yahoo! News and, and is an active member of our Chamber of Commerce. Yet nothing brings us joy like a client telling us our services helped change how their business showed up online.

From brand building to ongoing social media management support, partnering with Luna ensures your online presence authenticates your vision and values. It means outsourcing to a dedicated team that genuinely cares about the success of your business and the path it needs to take online to get there. In an ever-changing digital landscape, Luna offers consistency. With your success as our priority, I sign off to head back to my keyboard and humbly work with/guide the dozen personalities that took Luna from a concept to actuality. 

With a proud heart, 

- Founder

Samuel Dardashdi

Christina and her team are spectacular! They are patient, knowledgeable, and very well versed in the field of website creation and SEO. Christina has helped a lot of our friends with her services. I strongly recommend her!

Kristyn Shetty

I've been working with LBM since 2016 and had nothing less than an excellent experience with them. They are detail oriented and take the time to treat our brand and even our employees with care. I cannot recommend this company enough for all of your brand management needs.

Kara Thomas

I have had the pleasure of working with the Luna Brand Management team for almost two years now. Not only is everyone on the team energetic, creative, and friendly but they are extremely talented as well. I highly recommend Luna for all of your brand management needs!

Ashley Kelly

Kara Thomas

Luna Brand Management is the best of the best! Christina, and her team are absolutely amazing! They are rapid to response, great with feedback, suggestions, they are on top of things before you even get a chance to email them! I have loved working with her team and especially Amy, she truly cares about us as a client and represents us as if it was her own business. People have been amazed by some of the work that their team have produced. Luna team! Thank you! We appreciate you ladies so much!

Khaled Dais

Kara Thomas

I have been working with Luna for going on a year now and they are the absolute best. They have helped my company grow its exposure in many ways across many platforms. Always super quick to respond and everyone that works there is so nice! Would totally recommend to anyone else, and I cant wait to continue working with them in the future!

Evan Lalka

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